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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY: Easy Personalized Mugs with Sharpie Oil-Based Markers

Hello! This past week I have been relaxing and enjoying my Winter break so I decided to mix it up a bit and do a DIY for these adorable mugs that were inspired by a few posts I saw on Pinterest.

Now, let's go ahead and jump into it and I will explain step by step how to re-create these adorable mugs.

Here are the supplies you will need:

1. Any mug- I actually decided to get a Starbucks porcelain mug and personalize it for my a friend for Christmas.  I have heard that some dollar stores carry plain mugs. The mug on the right came from Target and was only $2

2. Sharpie Oil-Based Markers which can be found here for $13.99

3. Scrapbooking Letter Stickers of your preferred font/size! I bought mine from Hobby Lobby, but any crafting store like JoAnn or Michaels will have them as well.
I have read from numerous pins on Pinterest that regular Sharpies can be used to draw on these mugs as well, however, your mugs will not be dishwasher safe then. That is why I chose to buy the Oil-Based markers for my tutorial.


First, you will need to take your mug and decide where you want to place the design. I chose to do mine on the opposite side of the Starbucks logo since there was a whole blank area on the back. To the left, you can see that I chose to do both my friend's first and last initial and to stagger the letters as so.  You can chose to do just one initial or all three! It's completely up to you. Feel free to make this mug your own :)

Second, I took the gold Sharpie Oil-Based Marker and simply began putting a bunch of dots all around the letters. I made the area around the letters very clustered and filled with dots so it was as if I colored all around the letters. The reason I did this was to make sure the letters would be visible.  Next, I began to branch out around the letters and made the dots more spaced out as I branched out away from the letters. This process is very tedious, but it is so worth it!

Next, after you are finished with your design, gently remove the stickers from the mug.  If for some reason the markers smeared or bled through your sticker like this....DON'T WORRY! I found a solution that works like magic.

You know, sometimes it's good to make mistakes because then you can warn others what to or what not to do so they do not repeat your mistakes! What you need to do if you have marks that you do not like or if your marker bled through your sticker is to find some acetone (nail polish remover will work just fine) and some q-tips.  Very carefully, dip the q-tip in the acetone and begin wiping away the stray marks. It's also important that you make sure the q-tip is not too drenched with acetone and cause it to bleed on the mug. While erasing the unwanted marks, I had to change to a new q-tip quite frequently because sometimes the marks I tried erasing would just smear the marker residue.  Now, once you are done working some magic with acetone and q-tips, your mugs should look something like this!



Now let's talk about the mug on the right.  I chose to buy a black mug from Target for only $2 because I was not having any luck finding a plain white mug at ANY store around my house. I checked Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, and a Deals in my area and they were all SOLD OUT. Apparently everyone is trying to make their own adorable mugs for the holidays!

Anyways, after putting a lot of effort in trying to clean up my first mug, I was exhausted! So I decided to do something simple yet adorable.  I decided to put gold polka dots all over the mug to create a Kate Spade inspired look.

It really is as simple as it sounds. All I did was draw large polka dots spaced out as evenly as I could just using my eye. I made my polka dots  about 2/3" to 3/4" in diameter. And that was it! Even though it was so simple, it might even be my favorite of the two because I love the gold on the black.

Lastly, once your mugs are complete and perfected to how you like it, you will put your mugs on a baking sheet and bake them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F to ensure the paint stays on the mug.

I would let the mugs cool down in the oven for about 15-20 minutes before taking them out.  Once your mugs are cooled down, take them out and there you have it! It's that easy :) Please let me know if you find anything else works easier or better while you try out this tutorial yourself! Also, please tag me in any pictures on instagram @KraftyKellzster if you decided to give this a try. I'd love to see what you guys come up with! Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

DIY: How to Paint Lilly Pulitzer's Lulu Print

If you follow me on Instagram (@KraftyKellzster), you'll see that I have been painting throughout the past couple months, but I haven't had time to do any tutorials.  I only have 3 more days until my Thanksgiving Break begins and I finally found time to do a tutorial on my new favorite Lilly pattern, Lulu.  Resort has been out for a few weeks now and I LOVE IT! All of the patterns are absolutely beautiful.

I pinned my First Impression tutorial on Pinterest and the amount of repins for it was unbelievable! I have received so many compliments that it has pushed me to create another tutorial so here it is!

This was my first time painting Lulu and I decided to free hand it because that's how all of Lilly's artists do it so I decided it'd give it more character.  However, since this was my first time painting Lulu, I just simply painted it on a piece of paper as opposed to a canvas, so I apologize in advance that this painting is on computer paper and not a canvas. I will update this post once I paint it on a canvas and add it on here at the end :)

Now let's get started...for real this time!

Here are the materials you will need:

Materials Needed:

- 12" x 12" Canvas: $6
-Thick, medium, thin paint brushes: $2
-Color palette: $0.80
-Americana Baby Pink Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Bubblegum Pink Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana White Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Citron Green Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Festive Green Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Red Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Yellow Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Delta Creative Turquoise Acrylic Paint: $0.83

I also had a set of cheap acrylic paint from Target that had the fluorescent pink, purple, yellow, and green that I used. Here's the link to the product:

Now that we have the materials we need, let's get started on how to approach this painting! 

STEP ONE: Take the fluorescent pink and looking at the Lulu pattern, paint the head and neck of the flamingo along with the other parts of the print that are the same color.  Just try to space it our as well as you can with your eye. This doesn't have to be perfect and you can always go back over and touch up parts as you fill it in.

STEP TWO: Take the baby pink and paint in the flamingos beak and the parts of the flower petals and leaves throughout the pattern.

STEP THREE: Take the fluorescent green and citron green and mix them together to create a vibrant lime green color.  Next, paint in the palm tree leaves.  I just used my eye to space them out as best as I could. It wasn't perfect, but neither are any of Lilly patterns and that's what makes them truly unique.

STEP FOUR: Using the turquoise paint, fill in the flower and fill in the background as shown in the print.

STEP FIVE: Using the turquoise mixed with some festive green, create a teal-like color fill in the palm trees and other leaves.

STEP SIX: Using the fluorescent purple color, fill in the background.  It's okay if you miss some purple spots because we will go back at the end and fill in the rest of the painting with the purple after all of the other components are painted.

STEP SEVEN: Mixing the red and yellow together to create an orange color.  Then outline the flowers and leaves and other parts of the painting following the original print.

 STEP EIGHT: The very last part of this painting is to use the white and purple to paint the eye onto the flamingos head.  If you missed any leaves, flowers, or you just have some open space, feel free to fill in those spots as you wish.  

TA-DA your Lulu painting is now complete!!

As you can see, I had a lot of empty white space at the bottom so I decided to paint my name in the bottom right hand corner and fill in the background with the really pretty purple.  When I paint this on a canvas, I will do the full print instead of filling in the space with purple and my name.  

Anyways, I hope this was easy to follow and I apologize this isn't as structured of a tutorial as the first impressions one.  It's a little difficult to explain how exactly you paint the leaves, flowers, etc.  I think it's more fun to let your own creative and artistic style do the painting :D

If you decide to give this pattern a try, please take a picture and tag me on Instagram @KraftyKellzster. I'd love to see your work! Also, I'd love to hear how I'm doing with my tutorials so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to comment below or email me at! Happy crafting!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY: Customized Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers

So school has been in session for a few weeks now, but I finally found time to finish this tutorial! I'm sorry for the delay, but Organic Chemistry has been kicking my butt :( I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and please send me any pics if you decide to give this a try!

First, decide if you want to put a monogram or class subject on the cover.  If you want to do a monogrammed cover, you will most likely need to install a monogram font, unless you already have one on your computer.

STEP ONE: Click here to  download the font. Hit download and then a bar at the bottom of your window should show up as it downloads the font (shown in the picture).  Once the download is complete, click the folder.  Then go to your 'Downloads' folder and double click the folder with the font titled ''.

Then after that, your font should be installed onto your computer and you will be able to use it in Word, PowerPoint, etc.

After you have your font installed, you need to find the Lilly print you want.  Simply google whatever the name of the print is and find a large resolution photo.  Once you find the picture, copy it and paste it into a word document as pictured below.

Next, go to PowerPoint and type in your initials. My initials (first, last, middle) are: KLJ.  You want to make your first and middle initials in size 200 pt font and your last initial in 300 pt font.  Simply go to insert-->text box. Then click on the screen and type your first initial and change the font and size to monogram size 200. Repeat this process for your last and middle initial, but make your last initial size 300 font.  Begin to drag and arrange your monogram initials as you wish. I like to set mine up like shown below:

After you created your monogram, feel free to change the color of the font to whatever you wish, I changed mine to red to match the Get Nauti sails.  Now, take a screen shot of your whole screen with the monogram slide open.  If you have a mac, you take a screen shot by doing Command+Shift+3.  If you have a PC, you take a screen shot by simple pushing the button that says Print Screen on the top bar of your key board.  Now, once you have your screen shot, you want to open it up (or if you have a PC, you have to paste the screen shot you took into Paint).

After you open your screen shot, click 'Show Edit Toolbar' which is the far right button on the top bar. It should look like this after you click it:
Next, you want to change it from the rectangular selection that's highlighted in blue to the elliptical selection tool so the dotted circle is highlighted in blue:

Now click and drag the elliptical selection tool around the font to create a circle that you would like to select like this:

Then click the 'Crop to Selection' button to crop the image to just the circle with the monogram:

After you click the 'Crop to Selection' button your screen should like this:
Now copy the whole image and simply paste it onto the word document with the Lilly Pulitzer background of your choice. And there you have it! Just simply print out this word document and enjoy your very own customized Lilly Pulitzer Binder Cover :)

If anything is unclear or you need further instructions since I am using a Mac instead of a PC, feel free to leave a comment or email me at! Thanks for taking the time to read this DIY tutorial and there will be more to come!

Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY: Lilly Pulitzer Push-Pins

HAPPY FRIDAY! What a better way to start the weekend than doing some crafting?!

Earlier this week, I put a picture of my Lilly Pulitzer Push-Pins on Instagram and a couple of people requested a tutorial. Unlike the first DIY post, I am trying out a step by step procedure using mainly pictures.  Let me know which format you like better! I can also incorporate both and still add written instructions in addition to the pictures.

First, here are all of the supplies you will be needing:

Some of the materials I already had at my place, such as the pencil, scissors, modge podge, thumbtacks, and foam brush.

Here are the products I bought from Joann's:
1) Clear Flat Glass Marbles- $2.49
2) Low Temp Mini Glue Gun- $4.99
3) Low Temp Glue Gun Stick Refills- $2.99

Total: $10.47

Joann's was having a special where if you had a student ID you received 20% off your purchase, so my total ended up being: $8.38 before tax!

Keep in mind that it's important that these flat glass marbles are CLEAR when you look through them.  Mine looked clear, but after I got home and opened them, I noticed that more than half of them had a glossy or scratched bottom which made it difficult to see the picture.  I then had to go through one by one and pick out the gems that were decent enough to see through.  With that being said, I advise that you make sure you can see straight through your gems!

Now let's start crafting!

And that's it! Sweet and simple, just how I like my crafts :)

I also received a comment from someone on Instargam asking if you could make these into earrings. These gems aren't all that heavy so I am going to look into that in the near future.  I really hope all of you enjoyed this easy DIY. Please let me know if any steps are unclear from the pictures and I'd be more than happy to help you out.  Also, like usual, if you give these push-pins a try, please take a picture of your final product and tag me on it on instagram @KraftyKellzster!  Have a fantastic Friday!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY: Lilly Pulitzer First Impressions Canvas

So between co-oping full time this whole summer and trying to enjoy what little amount of summer I have, I decided to paint my own Lilly Pulitzer inspired canvas for my new Condo off of campus!

First. let's talk about the materials you will be needing.  Of course you can buy whatever size canvas you want and different shades of pink, blue and green. I bought all of my materials from JoAnn's and I will try my best to estimate the total cost. I will also list the specific color and brand of acrylic paint that I purchased.  Alternatively, you can purchase items from Amazon if you do no have a JoAnn's by you!  I'm a big fan of Amazon and you can sign-up for a free Prime trial which gets you free 2-day shipping!

Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Materials Needed:

- 12" x 12" Canvas: $6
-Thick, medium, thin paint brushes: $2
-Color palette: $0.80
-Americana White Wash Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Baby Pink Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Bubblegum Pink Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Royal Fuchsia Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Citron Green Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Americana Festive Green Acrylic Paint: $0.83
-Delta Creative Turquoise Acrylic Paint: $0.83

Total: $14.61

-12" x 12" Canas: $8.33
-11-Piece Brushes and Palette $7.30
-34 Color Pack Acrylic Paint $16.00

Total: $31.63
(As you can see Amazon is a bit more expensive, but you end up with more brushes and colors!)

Now let's get started on the hard part! 

STEP ONE: The first thing I did was take a pencil and very lightly draw the outline of the flowers and leaves. This merely served as a guide for the placement of my flowers.  The acrylic paint is very thick and therefore easily covers up any stray pencil lines.

STEP TWO: Take the lightest color pink with a large brush and create the base of the flower.  Simply make arch shapes throughout the flower and spread them around.

STEP THREE: Take the medium pink with a medium brush and do the same as the light pink, but try to fill in more of the white gaps.  Feel free to go over the light pink to add some texture.

STEP FOUR: Take the dark pink also with a medium brush and follow the same technique used in step three.  Don't worry about covering every bit of white, you're going to paint white over it to add white strokes like in the print itself.

STEP FIVE: Take the lighter shade of green with the smallest brush and fill in the leaves.

STEP SIX: Adding texture and shading, take the dark green with the small brush and touch up all of the leaves. If you look closely at the actual print, some leaves only have the lighter green, so I left some leaves without the shading.

By now, your painting should look something like mine to the left (Or maybe even better!) I am a Chemical Engineering major after no means am I a true artist. The last time I remember taking an art class goes all the way back to 7th grade! WOW, just about 7 years how time flies by!

STEP SEVEN: Using the turquoise paint and a small brush to fill in all the white gaps to color in the background.  If you want to use a medium brush to get the large gaps and then touch up the edges with a small brush that is fine.  I didn't stress too much if I accidentally covered the edge of a flower or leaf because we will touch up the flowers and leaves after the blue background is complete.

STEP EIGHT: Touch up any parts of the flower and leaves that were messed up in the process of painting in the background.

STEP NINE: Take a medium sized brush and where there are white spots left on the flower, cover it up with the white paint to make our painting more like the First Impressions print.

And VoilĂ ! Your very own hand-painted Lilly Pulitzer Canvas :)

Please leave me a comment below letting me know how I did on my very first tutorial! If you give this a try, take a picture of your work and tag me on Instragram--> @KraftyKellzster.


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