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Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY: Customized Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers

So school has been in session for a few weeks now, but I finally found time to finish this tutorial! I'm sorry for the delay, but Organic Chemistry has been kicking my butt :( I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and please send me any pics if you decide to give this a try!

First, decide if you want to put a monogram or class subject on the cover.  If you want to do a monogrammed cover, you will most likely need to install a monogram font, unless you already have one on your computer.

STEP ONE: Click here to  download the font. Hit download and then a bar at the bottom of your window should show up as it downloads the font (shown in the picture).  Once the download is complete, click the folder.  Then go to your 'Downloads' folder and double click the folder with the font titled ''.

Then after that, your font should be installed onto your computer and you will be able to use it in Word, PowerPoint, etc.

After you have your font installed, you need to find the Lilly print you want.  Simply google whatever the name of the print is and find a large resolution photo.  Once you find the picture, copy it and paste it into a word document as pictured below.

Next, go to PowerPoint and type in your initials. My initials (first, last, middle) are: KLJ.  You want to make your first and middle initials in size 200 pt font and your last initial in 300 pt font.  Simply go to insert-->text box. Then click on the screen and type your first initial and change the font and size to monogram size 200. Repeat this process for your last and middle initial, but make your last initial size 300 font.  Begin to drag and arrange your monogram initials as you wish. I like to set mine up like shown below:

After you created your monogram, feel free to change the color of the font to whatever you wish, I changed mine to red to match the Get Nauti sails.  Now, take a screen shot of your whole screen with the monogram slide open.  If you have a mac, you take a screen shot by doing Command+Shift+3.  If you have a PC, you take a screen shot by simple pushing the button that says Print Screen on the top bar of your key board.  Now, once you have your screen shot, you want to open it up (or if you have a PC, you have to paste the screen shot you took into Paint).

After you open your screen shot, click 'Show Edit Toolbar' which is the far right button on the top bar. It should look like this after you click it:
Next, you want to change it from the rectangular selection that's highlighted in blue to the elliptical selection tool so the dotted circle is highlighted in blue:

Now click and drag the elliptical selection tool around the font to create a circle that you would like to select like this:

Then click the 'Crop to Selection' button to crop the image to just the circle with the monogram:

After you click the 'Crop to Selection' button your screen should like this:
Now copy the whole image and simply paste it onto the word document with the Lilly Pulitzer background of your choice. And there you have it! Just simply print out this word document and enjoy your very own customized Lilly Pulitzer Binder Cover :)

If anything is unclear or you need further instructions since I am using a Mac instead of a PC, feel free to leave a comment or email me at! Thanks for taking the time to read this DIY tutorial and there will be more to come!