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Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY: Lilly Pulitzer Tissue Paper

If this is your first time to my blog, WELCOME! :) I am so excited to hear on Instagram and Pinterest that people are reading my blog. More importantly, I'm thrilled to see so many of you actually attempting these tutorials I am posting. It really means a lot to me! Also, I hope everyone is staying warm in this crazy weather!!

I just wanted to first state that I did not come up with this idea myself! I first saw it while stumbling upon The Pink Pelican's blog. However, due to high demand on my Instagram post, I will show you step by step how to make your very own Lilly Pulitzer tissue paper! This might be my new favorite DIY I have ever done for many reasons: 
1) It's SUPER cheap!
2) It's very easy!
3) It can add a little special something to any gift!

Now let's get started!  

The materials you will be needing are:
  • Tissue Paper
  • A piece of printer paper 
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A computer and printer

Step 1
Step 2
After you have gathered all of your materials, the first thing you want to do is take your tissue paper and cut it down approximately to the size of the printer paper. It's important to note that I like to make at least the top and bottom slightly longer (you will see why in a second). As you can see, my tissue paper was twice the size of my printer paper so I simply folded my paper in half to prepare two pieces of tissue paper at once. After I folded it in half, I placed the printer paper on top and trimmed the tissue paper down to my desired length as pictured in step 2.

Step 4
Step 3
Then I opened up the folded tissue paper and cut along the line I folded to create two separate sheets of tissue paper as pictured in step 3. Now put one piece of tissue paper aside and place our printer paper on top of the tissue paper in front of you as seen in step 4.  

Step 5
Step 6
Now the reason we kept the top and bottom a little larger is so we could tape down the tissue paper to the printer paper to ensure our tissue paper is secured and flat.  Simply fold the top edge of the tissue paper over your printer paper and tape it down. Repeat that same step for the bottom. The back of your paper should look like step 5 and if you flip it over to the front where the tissue paper is on top, it should look like step 6. 

Step 8
Step 7
Now it's time to insert your paper into your printer! I have a HP Photosmart C5550 All-in-One printer (step 7). I know not everyone's printer will be my exact model, but I am going explain how I inserted my paper into mine. I also learned that it's best to try to flatten out any wrinkles you see on your tissue paper before inserting it into the printer or else the tissue paper may become distorted while scrolling through the printer. In my experience, for most printers, you should load your tissue paper face down as pictured in step 8.

The hard part is done. Now choose the patter you would like to print and find a high resolution picture of it on google and follow the step by step pictures if you don't know how to copy and paste the image onto a word document.

Once you find a high resolution image of the Lilly pattern of your choice,
simply right click and copy the image.
Then open up a blank Word document and right click-paste the image in.
Next, right click the image and hit 'Format Picture' .
A box will pop up onto your screen and you want to select 'Layout' on the left hand
side then select 'In front of text' as the wrapping style.

Then move the image to cover the top left corner of the page and drag the bottom
right corner of the image and stretch it down to cover the whole white page.  
Now simply go to 'File' and 'Print'. A box may come up saying that part of the image
 is outside of the printing margins, but that is OK and just hit continue or OK.
Peel off the tape and remove the printer paper.
Trim off the white edges

And there you have it! Your very own Lilly Pulitzer Tissue Paper :)

I hope this was easy to follow. I tried to take a lot of pictures throughout the process to make it easy to follow. I am a visual learner so I understand things much better with visual aid. If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to comment or email me and ask for help!

If you decide to give this DIY a try, please take a picture of your final product and tag me on Instagram @KraftyKellzster! I love hearing and seeing people trying out my tutorials. :)

ALSO, if you don't follow me on Instagram yet, please do! I am doing my first giveaway and it ends January 31st so see the original post on my Instagram to enter it.  Thank you guys for everything and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!