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Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY: Kate Spade Inspired Gold Polka Dot Canvas Shoes

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have been so caught up on orders for my Etsy shop I haven't had much time to do any tutorials.  But orders have finally begun to slow down a little bit So I have been wanting to venture out from painting and complete a craft that I can wear.  I searched Instagram, Pinterest, and the internet in general for some ideas and I stumbled upon some great Instagram accounts that paint canvas shoes, hats, totes, etc! I thought those were all really adorable ideas which let to my decision to search for a cheap knock-off pair of Keds to paint.  As an Amazon prime account member, I love to start there first.  As it turned out, I found this pair for just $15! I read the reviews and they said for the price, you couldn't beat it. One thing I neglected to pay attention to the first time was the sizing of the shoes.  I usually wear a 6 and so I immediately ordered a size 6.  When the shoes arrived just 2 days later, I was totally bummed that the shoes were a size too large! Luckily, Amazon has free returns on most things and I was able to print off a return label and send them back.  As I was sending the original pair back, I decided to read more reviews in depth and determined that ordering a size 5 would work for me.  So if anyone is thinking about making their own pair of shoes and ordering from Amazon, I recommend that you order one size DOWN from what you typically wear.

So now that you have your shoes, here are a list of other materials you will be needing:
1) Gold Sharpie Oil-Based Marker- $6.43 (for gold and silver)
3) A pencil

The Marker and Spray are kind of pricey, however, these are two materials that can be used multiple times for many different crafts.  For example,  I used the gold sharpie in a previous DIY to create Personalized Sharpie Mugs.  Click here to view this tutorial! 

Now let's get started on the shoe! First, take the pencil and lightly draw circles to roughly place the polka dots throughout (left).  

Once you're finished placing the circles, take your gold sharpie and begin drawing your polka dots.  I made my dots about 3/8" wide. Depending on if you want larger or smaller dots, the diameter of the circle will be different. (right).

That's really that's all to it, but trying to take your time to make sure the polka dots end up roughly the same size.  I also decided to color the end of the shoelace (also known as the aglet) gold as well to match the polka dots. After you draw the polka dots around the whole shoe, it should look something like this:

Some of you may be wondering, how do I prevent the marker from bleeding if it gets wet?  The very last step to making your own Kate Spade Inspired Canvas shoes is to protect them with the Krylon Matte Finish Spray. 

Simply shake the can for a minute or so to prepare the can for use.  I recommend spraying your shoes in a well ventilated area or outside in the open space.  I chose to do mine out on my back deck of my condo since it was such a nice day anyways.  Simply hold the can upright approximately a foot away from the shoes and spray the entire shoe.  I would do this process at least twice to ensure you don't miss any spots!  

And that's it! How adorable are these?  I absolutely love DIYs, especially ones that only take 15-20 minutes and a few supplies :)  If you decide to give this tutorial a try, please take a picture and tag me on Instragram (@KraftyKellzster) or tweet it at me (@TheKellzster).

Happy Crafting!